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Events aplenty, Anzac Day commemorated and fly-in data for the Pilbara

RDA Pilbara regularly compiles a wrap of news that's important to industries and communities in the region and also the highlights of our activities on the ground.       


Read on for what's been happening from April 12 to April 26. 


Events galore around the Pilbara  It’s been a very busy two weeks of launches and openings in the region – and RDA Pilbara has been fortunate to be able to attend and support many of them. 

There was also the launch of the West End Seafood Shack at Marapikurrinya Park in Port Hedland, the opening in Roebourne of the Buwarri Hub by the Mayaarrinyjbangu Aboriginal Corporation and the handover of new emergency service equipment to the Karratha SES (and a range of other organisations around the Pilbara). 

These events highlight the wide-ranging and diverse foundation that underpins advancement and development of the Pilbara as a region – from boosts for industry, to employment and training opportunities for local people, sharing of knowledge and connection to country, increased culinary and entertaining options and the tireless work volunteers undertake to keep our communities safe.

Lumsden Point gets its first two customers  The Lumsden Point redevelopment will be critical to unlocking the Pilbara’s future potential – and now the project officially has its first two customers.  

The $680 million-plus project, which is being supported by both Federal and State Governments, will provide for a range of initiatives of national and state importance, including the Pilbara Hydrogen Hub and expansion of battery material exports. 

Lumsden Point’s first two customers will be Mineral Resources and Pilbara Minerals, which is fitting given the established status of those two companies as lithium producers. 

ACIL Allen estimates that once operational, Lumsden Point will add $22.6 billion in Gross Domestic Product and create an additional 6,204 full-time equivalent jobs across Australia to 2032-33. 


Anzac Day acknowledged around the Pilbara 

Anzac Day remains an extremely significant event on the calendar – and it was pleasing to see the occasion being appropriately acknowledged and respected around the Pilbara. 

People from all walks of life have given a great deal in service of our country, some of them sadly making the ultimate sacrifice. 

Anzac Day offers an opportunity to solemnly recognise the role their selflessness and dedication has played in ensuring the freedoms we enjoy today. 

The fascinating tale of fly-in visitors to the Pilbara 

A reminder that the recent research RDA Pilbara commissioned from Ailevon Aviation Consulting remains available on our website – and that it makes for very interesting reading. 

Each day the Pilbara receives 8500 fly-in visitors on average from outside the region, which equates to about 3.1 million people a year. 

But it’s where those people reside that is particularly fascinating. 

Would you have guessed that Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are among the top-five origin points for people flying in to Port Hedland? 

Or that as many visitors from each of Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane fly in to Paraburdoo as do residents of Busselton? 

Better understanding of where people flying into the Pilbara come from could lead to better connectivity of flights with the rest of Australia and perhaps also destinations overseas.

Check out the full study at: 

Northern Quolls caught napping 

We love a fluffy feelgood story from our region and ABC Pilbara provided one this week in the form of new research around northern quolls. 

A study by WA's Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) on quolls in the Pilbara found they regularly take naps about midnight – sort of a reverse siesta. 

Researchers are still working to ascertain the reason for the napping but have surmised that it might be related to food digestion. Sounds familiar!



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