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To access the Pilbara DAMA, an employer must first apply to the DAR (RDA Pilbara) for endorsement. 

The DAR considers all the following factors to determine if a business can use the Pilbara DAMA.

If you are operating and located in the City of Karratha or Town of Port Hedland:

  • businesses must have been actively operating for at least 12 months

  • all positions to be filled must live and work in the City of Karratha or Town of Port Hedland, and cannot by FIFO.


What your workforce needs are:

  • The DAR will assess your current and future workforce needs to determine which occupation(s) and concession(s) requested will be endorsed under the Pilbara DAMA

  • how many positions can be nominated for each occupation and for each concession

  • the timeframe to seek endorsement under the Pilbara DAMA is for up to five years, however a DAR endorsement of occupations and the number of positions to be filled is only valid for one year.

  • Businesses seeking to access more overseas workers in subsequent years will need to apply to the DAR for endorsement and submit a request to vary the labour agreement with the Department of Home Affairs.


Whether you are unable to employ an Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position and whether you are offering terms and conditions of employment no less favourable than what would be offered to an equivalent Australian worker:

  • businesses need to demonstrate they have undertaken appropriate labour market testing (LMT) and have been unable to employ an Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position

  • the standard of labour market testing including duration, content and eligible mediums of advertising. For more information on labour market testing requirements go to the Department of Home Affairs website

  • businesses need to provide evidence that the terms and conditions of employment are in line with Australian workplace standards - they must be no less than what an Australian would be paid to undertake the same job in the same location. Department of Home Affairs website


Whether you can be endorsed to access concessions:

  • businesses seeking endorsement for concessions will need to demonstrate why the concession(s) are needed for the position(s) they are trying to fill.


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