Skills and Work Experience

Please refer to the Pilbara DAMA occupation list for information regarding the skills and work experience requirement for your occupation.

Additional Occupations not in ANSZCO

The Pilbara DAMA provides access to one occupation not in the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation (ANSZCO).


This is:

  • Bar Attendant (Supervisor)


For the purpose of the Pilbara DAMA, this occupation has been given the ANSZCO code 070499.

For this occupation, applicants need to demonstrate that skills, qualifications and experience align to the following sample position description:

Position Description – Bar Attendant (Supervisor)

Ensure customers are served in a professional and timely manner, supervising/training employees of a lower grade, general cleanliness of the work area.


  • Supervising and training food and beverage employees of a lower grade

  • Ensuring customers are served in a professional and timely manner

  • General cleanliness of the work area

  • Taking reservations, greeting and seating guests

  • Undertaking general waiting duties

  • Preparing and mixing a range of sophisticated drinks

  • Taking drink orders

  • Preparing garnishes

  • Cleaning bar areas

  • Cleaning tables

  • Picking up glasses

  • Cleaning and care of glasses and equipment

  • Practicing proper workplace health and safety procedures

  • Other incidental and peripheral duties as requested by the employer

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