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Introducing our Committee

What is an RDA Committee?

Regional Development Australia Committees are locally managed, non-profit, community-based organisations jointly funded by the Australian and State Governments. The Committee is made up of a Chair, Deputy Chair and several ordinary members, with typical committee sizes varying from 6-8 members.

The RDA is a national network of 50 committees across Australia's capital cities and regions, including the Indian Ocean Territories, Norfolk Island and Jervis Bay Territory

What is the purpose of RDA Pilbara?

Our committee is committed to developing and growing the Pilbara region by engaging in the following activities:

  • Consult and engage with the community on economic, social, cultural and environmental issues, solutions and priorities

  • Liaise with governments and local communities about government programmes, services, grants and initiatives for regional development

  • Support informed regional planning

  • Contribute to business growth plans and investment strategies, environmental solutions and social inclusion strategies in their region

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