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What are Settlement Services?

Settlement Services are a vital tool to assist migrants to establish their life in Western Australia. Support is available to assist migrants create a connection and a sense of belonging to the local community, leading to fulfilling lives and successful social and cultural orientation and integration of migrants into the region.

Within this service, we will assist migrants with skills, knowledge and connections to successfully navigate large, uncoordinated systems of information through a holistic approach, to ensure a smooth transition.

These services are free for migrants that have newly relocated to the Pilbara, that have a right to work in Australia, or at least one member of the relocating family has a right to work in Australia.  A case management function is available for newly arrived migrants for the first 12 weeks of their relocation to the region. 

This assistance could include:

  • Assistance to source essentials such as accommodation and schooling;

  • Referrals to external providers and/or support groups;

  • Orientation sessions;

  • Utilisation of translating services;

  • Access to continued support and follow-up communications.

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Further Information

For further information about this service, please contact Natalie at

General Information:

Pilbara Settlement Services is funded by the Government of Western Australia Department of Training and Workforce Development

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