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Northern Hub


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Northern Hub Activities

There are currently 5 activities being focused on within each nodes:

Activity 1 - Knowledge Bank Development

Activity 2 - Learn the Lessons

Activity 3 - Planning for Drought

Activity 4 - Enhancing Forage Production

Activity 5 - Building Water Security


This funding is for stage one of a two-stage project.  Stage one is to install a modulated water treatment plant.  On-site work will be pad and footing install and a 100m underground power line, plumbing connections and additional supply and feed tanks.  The plant can then be connected into the existing main water supply.  Stage one will include the install of a wastewater bio pond.  This entails earth works and pond liner install along with plumbing.  Having the RO plant funded will assist to get results sooner than spreading it over as longer-term cash flow, which will benefit other pastoralists in the region, and being a demonstration site as to how to build drought resilience into the future.



MARCH 2023













 MAY 2023


May 2023 - ponds now completed, with security fencing.  

All pumps and plumbing in service.  

RO plant has been ordered, and is being built to spec, 

with estimated delivery date to be July 2023.

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