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We work in collaboration with our Community Partners

Current community partners include:

Aboriginal Biodiversity Conservation (ABC) Foundation

The ABC Foundation Ltd (ABCFL) was established in May 2016 and operates in remote and regional areas of Australia. ABCFL is a majority Aboriginal owned member-based charitable social enterprise; a diverse Foundation with a point of difference. Their strategic focus is to achieve social and environmental benefits through progressive community partnerships that create meaningful economic benefits with our corporate and capacity partners. This ensures Aboriginal people lead the growth of a sustainable land and sea economy.

Commencing in regional Western Australia, ABCFL is now an established Foundation with the ability to operate nationally. In the beginning our primary focus was on securing operational contracts to build their own capability to provide meaningful On-Country products and services aligned with our vision and purpose. As Aboriginal environmental leaders we continue to innovate and evolve, forging ahead through proven collective partnership models.


Collectively, ABCFL footprint represents both direct and indirect contracts, partnerships, and employees. They are committed to increasing our Aboriginal engagement across all areas of our Foundation, continually striving to exceed our set targets. They have the capacity to service short to long term national contracts.

Karratha Central Healthcare

Karratha Central Healthcare (KCH) is a not for profit community-based organisation which aims to improve the health of the Pilbara communities through the provision of comprehensive primary care, allied health and psychological health services. KCH has successfully delivered services and programs on behalf of government for over 14 years, and in recent years, been the preferred provider of Aboriginal Allied Health services in the region.


The organisation offers established service pathways with the medical sector in the region and has strong relationships with other organisations that support children, families and parents.


Karratha Central Healthcare has successfully administered other WPC4C programmes over a number of years with high levels of success. With both Registered Psychologists and qualified Educators on staff, KCH is well placed to deliver the program as stated. 

Karratha Community House 

Operating since 2004 and incorporated in 2006, Karratha Community House Inc (KCH) is a not-for-profit, community-driven organisation whose mission is to connect families through play-based learning. Our vision is a connected community where all our children can learn and grow.

KCH have been helping to make Karratha a more attractive place for families, especially young families, to live in since we opened our doors. They offer young children and their carer-givers a safe, friendly, inclusive and welcoming environment. Families and connecting the families is at the heart of our centre. They provide a haven where families can meet and form lasting bonds. Through play-based learning programs, children are given opportunities to develop emotionally, socially, physically, creatively, cognitively and linguistically.

With so many Karratha residents being far away from their support networks, when they move here, KCH is proud to provide children and their caregivers an opportunity to connect. Sessions are attended by a diverse demographic of long-term residents, those new to Karratha, international families and even the many au pairs who are here temporarily.

KCH is proud to curate innovative programming, offering families and their children unique opportunities to play, connect and grow. 

Roebourne WA Police and Community Youth Centre (PCYC)

PCYC is Western Australia's leading youth organisation working with the Western Australia Police Force and the community to empower children and young people to reach their potential. The Western Australian Police and Community Youth Centres (WA PCYC) exists so that disadvantaged children and young people at risk across Western Australia have a safe place to go – somewhere they can feel at home, make friends and do things that young people should do.

The objects of the Association are to empower and assist disadvantaged and at-risk children and young people across Western Australia by:

  • getting young people active in life;

  • working with young people to develop their skills, character and leadership;

  • reducing and preventing anti-social behaviour and crime by and against young people:

  • providing a safe environment for young people;

  • engaging with young people on their terms; and

  • working effectively and constructively with the Western Australian Police Force, communities and other organisations.

V Swans

The Swan Districts Football Club is a well-connected and community engaged football club that improves social outcomes and sense of wellbeing in our community. From their home at Steel Blue Oval in Bassendean, they have provided an inclusive meeting place for our community since 1934 and this has been extended through our V Swans and other community programs across Western Australia.


Football is in their DNA, but their focus is steadfast on improving the lives of the people in the community through creating greater engagement in education and transitions to employment, improving health and wellbeing and enhancing community connections. They exist for a deeper purpose.


Within the town of Onslow, RDA Pilbara support their early and primary years programs which are focused on creating a positive transition to school and engagement with education. Their targeted programs that they deliver on behalf of RDA include Swans Fundamental Movement Skills, Homework Club, Circle of Security Parenting and the Parent-Child Mother Goose program. These programs play an important role in bringing together the families of Onslow and ensuring that they have equal access to quality programs. 

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