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How to find an Australian Worker

If you want DAR endorsement to get overseas workers under the Pilbara DAMA, you have to show that you have not been able to get suitably qualified and skilled Australian citizens or permanent residents to fill positions.

Local Recruitment Options

You must provide evidence of your local recruitment efforts over the last twelve (12) months. There are many ways you can do this. You could:

  • contact a recruitment agency

  • advertise a vacancy in:

    • newspapers

    • professional and trade publications

    • industry associations’ newsletters.

  • advertise on a recruitment website like:

  • work with Job Services Australia, who work with businesses to assess the types of workers required and attempt to match them with trained and work ready job seekers.

  • consider employing an apprentice - if you don’t have enough work for an ongoing or full-time apprenticeship position, group training organisations can organise to share an apprentice with another business, go to the Australian Apprenticeships website.

  • Lodge your details on the page.


The standard of labour market testing including duration, content and eligible mediums of advertising, are defined by the Department of Home Affairs, for more information on labour market testing requirements go to the Department of Home Affairs website.

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