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Northern Hub

About the Northern Hub and Pilbara Node

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About the Northern Hub

The Hub partnership works to connect research expertise with on-ground knowledge and respond to end-user demands for transformative new technologies and leading practices.  It operates as a network to connect industries and communities, and source and communicate relevant knowledge.

The core consortium partners include Kimberly Pilbara Cattlemen's Association, Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association, Northern Territory Farmers Association as well as Territory NRM, WA Rangelands NRM, Regional Development Australia and government agencies, including WA Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development and the NT Department of Industry Tourism and Trade.  

Charles Darwin University (CDU) holds the head agreement with the Australian Government, and administers the Hub Grant at the direction of an independently chaired governing board, representing the consortium partners.

Initial funding has been provided to 30 June 2024.

Pilbara Node

There are 8 nodes under the Northern Hub.  4 in the north west of Western Australia, and 4 in the Northern Territory.


Regional Development Australia Pilbara administers the Pilbara Node.


















If you would like further information regarding the Pilbara Node, please contact Natalie at

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